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Custom Teeth Devices for the Whole Family

We offer everything you need to get the best possible smile. Custom made partial dentures, flippers, clear and wire retainers, night guards, whitening trays, and even invisible aligners. All available to you for half the price of the dentists office and from the comfort of your own home.

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Which Option is Best for You?

Option 1

Our fastest, most popular option. Order your device and your impression kit in one convenient transaction.

Option 2

Our trusted 2-step method. Order your impression kit, then order your device once your impressions are taken.

Option 3

For those who already have their impressions. Skip the impression process and order your device!


Option 1

Our fastest, most popular option. Purchase and pay for your impression kit, shipping AND custom device in one convenient transaction.

  • Order your device & impression kit from website.

  • Take your impressions at home.

  • Wait 10-12 days for your custom device!

Option 2

Our trusted 2-step process for those who want to purchase the impression kit and device separately.

  • Order your impression kit from website.
  • Take your impressions at home.
  • Order your device online.
  • Send your impressions in using our postage paid shipping label.
  • Wait 10-12 days for your custom device!

Option 3

For those who already have professionally made impressions, or returning customers looking to re-order a custom device.

  • Order your device from website.
  • We'll send you a postage paid shipping label.
  • Send your impressions to us.
  • Wait 10-12 days for your custom device!

Discount Online Dental - Nevada State

Your dental worries are now erased away by our top on the line dental procedures and dentists. The highly qualified and experienced orthodontists give you the exact solution for your teeth issues. Our teeth related services are offered at half the rate at the clinic on your visit. We have extended our service of sending teeth devices to your house on request and hence you need not visit our office. Our online service satiates the need of a dental patient who requires teeth devices for his damaged teeth or improper teeth. Our dental products like wire retainers Nevada, night guards for teeth Nevada make your smile bright and better than earlier condition.

Our discount online dental office takes care of your dental problem by sending you the exact teeth device after receiving your teeth impression kit through email. You can visit our dental office near your location of Nevada for the treatment.

We strive our best to achieve your dreams by providing you partial dentures Nevada which is made up of plastic valplast unbreakable one. Your long-lasting need for flippers for teeth Nevada is done by our exemplary dental professionals. These flippers serve you for many years in an inexpensive way. If you need to have teeth in place and exact alignment without showing the metal wire, we will provide you invisible teeth retainers Nevada device. Your upper and lower teeth is aligned by our clear aligners Nevada by using a clear tray. All these dental procedures are completed in your home by our online purchase. The night guards Nevada device satiates the need of a dental patient to the fullest.

The above-mentioned products are certified by our board of qualified dentists and approved by FDA. Hence, your smile is again corrected like before and you have lost nothing after the issue in your teeth


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